We are committed to the further development of Japanese spatial structures, especially tension structures.


  • BSPACE JAPAN started as an agent in Japan for PFEIFER STRUCTURERS, the world leader in spatial structures. We would provide services in Japan that PFEIFER STRUCTURERS provides in the world, such as the design of the tension structure, the provision and installation of the tension material, and the tension work.
    In addition, we are willing to cooperate with excellent Japanese designers and manufacturers and do our best for the Japanese spatial structure.
    The scope of our work is wide-ranging.
    First of all, we will introduce PFEIFER's Full locked cables (locked coil ropes for structural cables) and end connectors into bridge and construction projects in Japan.
    By using a high-strength locked coil rope with GALFAN Coating (zinc aluminum plating), which has 5 times more the anti-corrosion ability of galvanized treatment, we offer various high-performance structural cables.
    We also collaborate with cable manufacturers in Japan to provide the cables required for each project.
    In addition, we also provide services such as analysis and design of tension structures and cable structures, consulting for various technical consultations, supervision and installation, inspection and investigation of existing cable structures, and repair work etc.
    We will propose the optimal details and structural layout as you contact us from the initial planning stage.
    We will be appreciated that if you could consult us regardless of whether it is new or existing project.
    Taking advantage of my many years of experience as an engineer in tension structures, I will do my best for further development of Japanese spatial structures, especially in tension structures.

    Representative Director
    Hideki Tagawa
  • Emeritus Professor of Nihon University/Representative of A-Forum/Masao Saito

    In the world of lightweight structure, I have been led by Mr. Yoshikatsu Tsuboi, Mr. Mamoru Kawaguchi and Jörg Schlaich​, since I participated in the planning of the National Yoyogi Stadium(1964), I always feel that the tension structure is full of the romance of engineers.
    Mr. Hideki Tagawa has experienced many tension structure projects with us since he was young. 
    I'm excited and filled anticipating that he will finally team up with world-class PFEIFER STRUCTURES to develop business in Japan.
    I look forward to taking on the challenge of attractive world-leading technology projects together that have not yet been realized in Japan and bringing them to fruition.

    Emeritus Professor of Nihon University
    Representative of A-Forum
    Masao Saito
  • PFEIFER STRUCTURES is a company specializing in lightweight and tensile structures composed of tension members, membranes and steel frames.
    As turn-key contractor, we have executed multiple construction projects such as stadium roofs, arena roofs, suspension bridges and cable towers all over the world. It is a great opportunity to introduce our technology to Japan by collaborating with FABSPACE JAPAN.
    We are delighted to see it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute to the Japanese spatial structure.

    Pfeifer Structures (SG) Pte Ltd
    Nicolas De Mallmann


We provide support for projects and problems that others cannot handle.
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